#17 Final Blog

The school year in coming to a close and we have covered a lot of programs and information in this class.  Create a blog post titled Final. Please tell me in a blog post what your thoughts are on the projects we have completed and if there is anything else you wish this class would have included.  Be honest and I appreciate your feedback! I am especially interested in knowing how you feel about MS Office testing, blogging your assignments and if anything that you have learned has helped you in other classes.  REMEMBER to list your certifications on scholarship forms and resume! 🙂

Have a great summer.

We have covered:

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access, Internet Safety, Cyberbullying, Gmail, Google Apps, Search Skills, Blogging and Computer Concepts Topics.

#7a Facts About Illegal Downloading

Part 1: This article below  is more information about illegal downloading. Read it and create a blog post with a title of your choice.


Write about how this article either changed or reinforced what you believed about illegal downloading. Search the internet and find an article about the legal consequences of illegally downloading media or software. Briefly summarize the article including your opinion about it and paste the link in your blog.

Part 2: There have been a lot of good posts so far.  Read through your classmates posts and comment to at least two entries from separate people on any topic we have blogged about so far.  Check the Blog_Rubric for what your responses should contain.  You may agree or disagree with a post but remember to keep your responses appropriate and respectful. Points will be lost for incorrect grammar and spelling.  At the end of your blog post tell me which two blogs you responded to.

# 7 Password Security

Skim through Chapter 1 Section E pages 34-41 and complete the quick check on page 41 and hand in.

Watch the short video on how to create a secure password.

Go to http://passwordsgenerator.net/  or google a different password creator and practice using it.

Create a new blog post Passwords. For your blog entry today you need to discuss what you learned about password hacks and what the tips are for creating a secure password.  Were any of your current passwords listed on the most commonly used passwords? What do you need to do to make your own passwords secure? Do you think you need to change any of your passwords? Do you think password creators are useful, why or why not? Answer all questions completely.

#6 Fun With Binary Code!

We will watch the Khan academy video as a class.

Hand in on paper: Complete the Lab Assignments Questions on page 46 #2 a,d,e,g only and all of #3 & 4. You may work with a partner.

This is the sequence of placeholders for base 2, to help you.


1024, 512, 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1

Create a blog post titled Fun With Binary!

Part 1: Go to this link  to figure out the binary code for your name.  Record the binary code for your name on your blog and the binary code for the year you graduate and the year you were born.  Also practice creating your own text from binary code.  Record at least 3 examples of code you created and what is translates to.  This information needs to be recorded in sentence form, for example…The binary code for my name is 0100010001001000.

Part 2: Watch the video below on how to count on your hand using binary.  What combination of fingers equals your age in binary? Upload a picture using a camera/phone that shows your age in binary. (Hint-Take the photo, email to yourself and save to the desktop then upload, or use your webcam. Photo Booth on mac)

Extra video to learn more about binary if you are interested.

#5 Digital Devices

Read Chapter 1 Section B pages 14-21 and watch the video.  Create a blog post titled Digital Devices.

Part 1: In your blog post tell me what kind of digital devices you own or use and how they affect your daily life.  Do you have any video game consoles? Do you consider a video game console to be a personal computer? Why or why not?

Part 2: Use the internet to search for and build/customize a personal computer.  Apple,  Dell, Best Buy, Digital Storm, I Buy Power etc. are good places to start.  What specifications did you choose for your computer and why? What will the main uses for your computer be and how does this affect performance requirements? Did you choose a PC or Mac? Why?

Part 3: Upload a screen shot of your cart after building your computer.

#4 All Things Digital

Read Chapter 1 Section A pages 1-13 of your text. Watch the video about piracy and open source software. Create a blog post titled Piracy and Convergence.

Part 1: Complete a blog entry discussing your personal view of illegally downloading music, games, software etc.  What is your opinion of peer to peer file sharing.  (If you are unfamiliar with this term look it up.) Do you feel that open-source software pg. 12 is good or bad and explain.  What are at least two types of open-source software on our computers at school? Only one example can be a browser, the other needs to be some type of productivity software (hint: MS Office) (If you are unsure look up examples of open source software on Google!)

Part 2: Your book also discussed convergence.  What is your favorite example of technological convergence and what functions do you use? Add an image of your example to your blog.

Part 3: Complete the poll question. Then create your own poll on your post! Click create your own poll on my poll then click I already have a WordPress account. Create a poll and then embed it your your post by  copying and pasting the code in the WordPress tab with the brackets […..]

#3 Virus Timeline and Safety Guidelines

Create one blog post titled Safety and Virus’s.

Part one of your post: On page 31 of your Orientation section check the list of online safety and privacy guidelines.  Answer the following questions in your post:

Did any of this information surprise you? Have you received scam emails or gotten virus’s on your computer/device? Why or why not?What steps would you recommend someone to take to prevent or remedy this?

Part two of your post: Scan through the Virus Timeline on Wikipedia. Choose one virus or worm from the timeline and use the link within Wikipedia and Google to further investigate.  Post the name of the virus/worm you researched along, when is was circulating with details and interesting facts you found. Embed a video or picture if you find a good one:) 

When you are finished with your post go to your Reader>Discover and follow Technology. Choose others you may find interesting and follow as well.

Ransomware Video (2:15) Watch together as a class.